In Death's Icy Grip

Treacherous Travels

The night began with Chendera, the priestess in Restwell Keep, asking the party to escort her and the Serpent’s Eye to Hammerfast, a 3 day travel. They agreed, and set off the next morning.

As they were making their way north, a heavy fog set in, and a goblin thief took this opportunity to gank the pouch containing the Serpent’s Eye and ran into the thick woods west of them.

The group took chase, and came across a clearing where the goblin had just recently become lunch for something very hungry. The group spots the Serpent’s Eye, perched upon the dead goblin’s grizzly body.

Mauri simply mage-handed the pouch to her, invoking a saving throw against wanting to lick the guts off the bag, since the goblin had been sprayed with the Pink Slime’s seasoning mist. This sort of broke the whole encounter until Jack threw a rock at the slime (out of pity for me i think).

The slime then seasoning misted the entire group, except for the two wizards (Mauri and Cuyler). After they stood around for a few minutes wondering what the hell happened, 2 rat swarms attacked them. The group dispatched them rather quickly, but had to keep making saving throws against biting eachother while adjacent to one another.

Cuyler figured it out pretty quickly and cast presdidigitation (wtf) on the npc healer. Jack cast water on himself. They began to move forward to attack the slime, but a hungry panther lept out of the woods at them. They quickly killed the panther, but rob ended his turn next to the goblin and decided he needed a couple of ribs to go. The rogue took a bite out of the panther (totally gross, it’s covered in fur) and jack ended up nibbling part of the goblin too. They were able to kill the slime, but invoked another 2 rat swarms, and all got covered in a fresh coat of the seasoning mist. Rob had a rat for dessert. Mauri ended up failing her saving throw on the pouch and started licking all the gore off of it.

Cuyler was able to walk around in 4 rounds (i left it in initiative order, and even out of combat they had to move their movement only) and was able to clean everyone else off. A few people still are a little demoralized about eating such awful stuff, and they all decided they should camp for the evening before moving on to the Fiveleague House in the morning.



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