A Brush with the Chillers

Ambush on the Road
The group leaves in the relic hunter’s caravan after an uneventful breakfast in the tavern. There are 2 in the wagon, 1 driving, and 1 riding scout on horseback slightly ahead.

Backstory upon perception or diplomacy checks:

They had to leave the relic and their dead friends behind, or the remaining relic hunters were going to also be frozen and killed. Originally they had 2 caravans, and more horses. Soon after gathering the relic up, they were ambushed by chillers. The horses panicked, and overturned one of the caravans, destroying it at the shore of Glimmer Lake. All the treasure they had.. procured had spilled out into the snow and was lost. They fled with their remaining caravan and a single horse.

1 league away from Hammerfast:
It is dusk, and the group has been riding all day, and is getting anxious to arrive at Hammerfast.

The group suddenly feels a chill, sees their breath. They hear a surprised shout from the scout ahead. As they approach on the caravan they see the relic hunter’s horse bucking wildly, throwing him off. Ahead of him 15’ is a chiller, wielding a large translucent sword, eyes locked on the relic hunter prone on the ground. The scout screams in terror, as the chiller begins to suck the life-force out of him. Ice crystals begin to appear on the scout’s body and his screaming ends abruptly. The chiller then throws his glowing translucent sword at the frozen body, which shatters in a burst of ice and bone. The chiller chants, and his sword disappears from the ground, and reappears once more in his hand. He then turns, and casts a cold, intent eye on the caravan.

The driver, panicked at seeing the scout so easily cut down and destroyed, drives the caravan horses madly, running over the frozen remains, and rushing past the chiller. A look back shows the chiller standing in the road, watching them flee.

They get to hammerfast after dark, tired, with the relic hunters mourning another loss of their group. The guards let them in, and ask if they had seen anything unusual, as they have had reports of strange goings on around the foothills.

Chendera guides them to the Loremaster’s quarter, where she meets up with her friend, Citirian, and delivers to him the Serpent’s Eye. She rewards the group with her savings she had in Hammerfast: 550gp. Upon asking Citirian about the chillers, he says he does not know what they are, but has heard 2 more reports in the past month of the same type of attacks. In light of the recent attacks he and his fellow loremasters will begin research.

They spend the night in the inn, and meet with the 3 remaining relic hunters in the morning. The leader says he will join them, and assist in guiding the group to the place where the relic was dropped. he says he will be a great aid in retrieving it, since he knows where his caravan was destroyed. he says there is also much treasure they had to leave behind because of their fleeing.

The group leaves after meeting with the relic hunters, and make their way south to Glimmer Lake. It takes most of the day by foot, and with the light starting to fade from the sky, they catch sight of the broken caravan near the north shore of Glimmer Lake. Lhe relic hunter begins searching through the rubble. As the group gets closer to the shore, they begin to see their breath, and a chill overcomes them. The relic hunter doesn’t seem to notice, and yells at the group that any treasure they pick up is theirs to have.

[picking up treasure is a minor action:

treasure grab
5 – turquoise on a d6 1-2
10- obsidian on a d6 3-4
20- gold on a d6 5-6]

A soft glow begins to eminate from the water, and 2 chiller soldiers slowly appear, stepping out of the water and on the shore.

Every round another 2 chiller soldiers appear. after 4 rounds, the elite chiller appears.

After first round, the relic hunter’s weapon is shattered when a chiller soldier freezes it and hits it. In desperation, he grabs his torch from his pack and lights it, pointing it towards the chiller bearing down on him. The chiller backs up 1 square.

Torch: resist 5 cold and pushes chillers back 2 squares in front of you.

Lit caravan rubble: aura 2, any creature adjacent is dazed from smoke in the eyes. Any party member inside aura gains resist 5 cold and aura repels chillers.

Lit dead tree: aura 4, any creature adjacent within 2 of the aura is dazed from smoke in the eyes. Any party member inside aura gains resist 5 cold and aura repels chillers.

After 6 rounds, elite chiller focuses on the most injured group member. he does his large attack, knocking party member prone, and immobilizing him. Elite chiller laughs slowly, and as he raises his sword to throw and shatter the group member, the relic hunter shouts and with his torch, leaps in front of the chiller, knocking the sword out of his grip. The relic hunter falls prone, screaming and clutching his side.

The elite chiller yells, and does a burst 8 of ‘Gale Winds,’ putting out everything on fire. The group hears ghostly horns in the distance, and across the water they begin to make out shapes of hundreds of chillers rising out of the water.

The relic hunter screams, ‘WE ARE OVERRUN! I’ve got the relic, we must get out NOW!’ and gets to his feet limply.

As the group retreats, the elite chiller says to them, “you can run now, but soon you must swim.” they can hear the echoing of his cold laughter over the hills.

A Brush with the Chillers

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