Cliffside Combat

Deep Watchers have been tailing the group, watching their progress, but do not know they have the relic in hand. They want to silence the group, thinking they know more than they do. They lay wait near a cliffside in a bottleneck canyon in the foothills of the mountains south of Hammerfast.

After fleeing the chillers on the shores of Glimmer Lake, the group climbs a hill overlooking the lake. As they turn to look at the view, they notice what seems at first white capped waves in the lake, and an eerie glow. As their eyes adjust they notice they’re not waves at all, but legions of chillers. They are far away enough to not be noticed, but to be on the safe side, the relic hunter suggests they don’t light a fire.

They spend a freezing night on the cold ground.

Freezing Challenge
Roll a D6. On a 1-2, the player spends 1 healing surge and must make an endurance check +10, as they were frozen and miserable the entire night. On a 3-6 they only spend 1 healing surge.

The next morning, the relic hunter says that he knows a shortcut through the foothills, to get to Hammerfast quicker, as time is running out for Cuyler’s character.

They approach the foothills and see a cliffside looming 40’ above them. In the middle of the cliff is a thin crack where 1 person can shimmy through. Something isn’t right, however..

Perception 15+: The player spots movement behind the crack and is alerted of another group’s presence.

Nature 15+: The player spots tracks and recent disturbances in the area around, notifying them of the Deep Watcher’s presence.

If the Deep Watchers are spotted, they begin scrambling up the cliffside to gain the upper hand.

The Upper Hand Race
Skill Challenge

Skills used:
Acrobatics, Athletics
Scaling the wall will take a standard action, which determines the length of their move action. Minor action is normal.
[flesh out more]

Rocks (improvised weapon)
Boulder (2) – Requires a strength check 25+ to push boulder over edge. This can be done with 2 or more people on the same turn.
Dirt Kicking – Used if creature is within 2 of the top of the cliff. You kick dirt off the edge into the target’s face, blinding them for 1 round.


Human mage attacks with ranged attacks while shielding herself in the crack while the rest of the Watchers scale the wall. At least 1 deep watcher should make it to the top.[mage] PC’s can throw them over the side. When the players get to the top, the Deep Watchers will still try to get to the group.

Post Combat:

After inspecting bodies the group finds a symbol patch on their clothing. They take it to further investigate the ambushers at Hammerfast. They also find [boots] and 400gp to split between them.

They make it back to Hammerfast, in which the relic hunter hurries them along to meet his contact in the Loremaster’s Guild who is able to perform a resurrection spell, but it has to begin within 24 hours of the player’s death. He leads them through winding alleys and dark passages until he meets Amhast, smoking a pipe outside his home, a tall, thin stone building. After paying Amhast 300GP, he agrees to perform the ritual. He takes the group inside his home, closes the door, peers out the window for any passersby, and moves his rug on the floor. Under the rug is a crypt door which leads to a spiral staircase going into the gloom. At the end of the staircase is a tight quarter, with 4 alcoves in the walls containing dessicated bodies. On the floor is an amalgam of symbols written in chalk. The group lays cuyler on the symbols, and are asked to leave, save the 1 player who must assist Amhast in the spell.

[Chosen player doesn’t get a full extended rest, but only a short rest.]

The ritual takes most the night and at dawn, all 3 emerge from the crypt beneath Amhast’s home.

[info about relic, insight into darrowfel, quest to talk to crazy hermit living in mountains east of Glimmer Lake.]

Cliffside Combat

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