Is this city safe?

After the wizard is rezzed, the group talks to the relic hunter’s friend about information. he tells them about an old man that used to reside near the lake all his life, until the chillers began their attacks. he came to hammerfast, and is currently living in the secret tunnels beneath the city. he has a lot of information, but may be difficult to persuade, or even get to. he tells them where to find the entrance of the tunnels, and wishes them luck.

the group is now able to move around the city freely. they will likely want to buy armor, or check out the shops first. [list of armor/items available]

when they decide to find the old man, Fitch, they attempt to reach the entrance to the secret hobo tunnels.

[skill check: streetwise, bluff, diplomacy, intimidate]
up to 6 tunnel-dwellers. 3 success or 2 failures. upon failure, they run to get more tunnel dwellers to assist an attack. upon success, they take the group to fitch.

Fitch’s dialogue:

“The lake is steeped in history, of course that’s not talked about
much now. Truth is there used to be a kingdom living right on top of
it called Darrowfel. By most accounts of the time they were a
peaceful people, but of course how many people ever really know what’s
going on in the affairs of nations. Whatever the situation, it
disappeared nearly overnight. The stories told ran the gamut. There
were some people who claimed to have escaped from the kingdom before
it disappeared who claimed Hammerfast had sunk their land. If that
were true it was too late to do anything about it. Those stories were
generally dismissed out of hand because the king of Hammerfast at that
time, King Gregory, had never shown any ill will towards the kingdom
and in fact there had been considerable peace for many years.
Interestingly, at the time the king had been very sick and was laid up
for days. There was another story circulated that Darrowfel had been
attempting an extremely dangerous spell, meant to flood Hammerfast so
that the Darrowens could take over the land. That particular story
sat well with people who wanted to think the kingdom’s demise was
their own fault and they had it coming. That was a long time ago,
whatever really happened will likely never be known, in fact it seems
very few people care to know. Whoever didn’t drown found a new home
in neighboring kingdoms, not Hammerfast of course because of the
various suspicions. But the area has prospered peacefully and it’s
not much use asking questions about the past in times like these.”

The player will likely bring up the chillers at some point, to which he can say:

“Heh, the chillers, well that story is almost as old. I had seen some cropping up here and there, and knew that it must be an indication of bigger changes to come. that’s why i’m here, in my hidey hole. The lake always did have a peculiar feature. It’s awful cold up here
and the ice is usually frozen over, but there is a small window of
time that the lake thaws. Years ago that wasn’t entirely the case.
There was one area of the lake, maybe a couple of acres, might only
see a week or two that it wasn’t frozen solid. Beautiful summer
weather and a strong sun didn’t seem to make much difference. Kids
might have played on it if not for the tales of the chillers kept
everyone away. Once again though, that’s history, but history within
my grasp at least. I couldn’t say if the chillers are connected with
that anomaly, especially since it stopped so many years ago, but
that’s all I can say about the lake.”

Regarding the deep watchers:

“Ahh, this patch, do you know what this symbol is? These are the deep watchers, an evil secret society that controls much of the business here in Hammerfast. You folk must have something they want!”

after talking to fitch, the leave the tunnels. after they leave, in a long tunnel, they are suddenly surrounded by a group of deep watchers. After a few rounds of combat, Cain, one of the deep watchers, calls them filthy relic hunters.

The group should be goaded into revealing they’ve only just met them
at that point, the deep watchers will cite the anger at the bar as evidence that the relic hunters are no good and generally hated and that they shouldn’t be able to get the artifact
that they’ve been using the players

Is this city safe?

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